Illegal chickens recovered in search operation in Banke


Illegal chickens being recovered in search operation Photo: Siraj Khan/TRN

By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, March 18: The police have started being stringent on ceasing the illegal smuggling of chickens, following a demonstration with chickens on roads by the chicken businessmen and farmers of Banke saying that the illegal import of chickens from India has not been stopped.

A large number of illegal chickens are getting seized as the police have tightened their grip on various checkpoints following the accusations of the police themselves colliding in the illegal importation of chickens.

Banke Police have succeeded in recovering as many as 219 chickens, worth more than Rs 1 lakh, that was illegally brought from India, and hidden at Shita Nagar-19, Nepalgunj. Other spots are being searched as well.

Santosh Singh Rathore, Superintendent of Police (SP), also, Chief of Banke Police Office said that chickens were recovered during the search operation launched by the police which was started after a strong protest from businessmen and farmers.

He claimed that many other illegally brought chickens will be seized as the search operations are continuing. The recovered chickens were taken to the animal quarantine and the office responsible for it has already destroyed the chickens.

Policemen are mobilized in various points which were informed by businessmen and farmers to be a place of chicken smuggling.

Saying that action has been taken against shopkeepers who are found selling banned chickens, the District Administration Office, Banke informed that Nepal Fresh House located at Ganeshman Chowk has faced consequences for selling banned chickens.

 “Bill is asked from each shopkeeper and those who failed in showing bill will be punished,” said Hari Chandra Sharma, Assistant Chief District Officer.

Famers and businesses are complaining about the loss of millions of rupees of investment and businesses being ruined as illegally imported chickens from India have overpowered the authentic chicken market of Nepal.

Farmers are complaining that a large quantity of illegal chicken is being imported to Nepal daily through Jamunaha, Saigaun, and Nairanapur areas.


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