Fragrance Of Love


Dixya Poudel

It is that time of year again when romance is in the air. As Valentine’s Day nears, people worldwide are looking for ways to make their partners happy. It may be nearly a week away but its ripples are extending even in Nepal where it isn’t a native celebration. Instead it is a celebration borrowed from the Western societies that reveres ideal love. In the West, Valentine’s Day is a huge deal. From gifts of red roses to jewellery, couples try to outdo each other in proclaiming their love for one another. 

Hearts decorate the shopping malls, freshly cut red roses are displayed for sale and even pastries are baked in a Valentine’s Day theme. One can’t escape the deluge of eager celebrators. While it is all well and good for couples, those who are single bear a heavy heart as their single-dom stands out quite drastically among the ones who are coupled. Love is a basic necessity for human beings. However, even living things such as plants and animals thrive when they are showered with love. 

It is a word that is one of the most cherished ones in English language. As such, falling in love is a romantic concept that denotes an exceptional feeling. Books, letters and poems have been written about it, songs are sung over it and movies and shows are made on it. Indeed, falling in love has an irreplaceable connotation. There are fluttering heart beats, bashful glances and feel-good hormones swirling all over a person when in presence of a romantic interest.

 It isn’t just the teenagers who go gaga over the slightest hint of romance; people across all ages find themselves falling for a person who happens to win their hearts. It could explain why epic love stories last centuries. It could also explain why fights have been raged over a scorned heart or to win affections. While unrequited love causes heartache as people yearn for their one true love, reciprocated love makes one feel like one in a million. 

Further, it is relationship that sustains a person throughout the highs and lows that life likely presents. And to be human means to be tied in relationships which can be a source of content and can lead to long-term happiness. However, when they go sour, it could mean the opposite. Thus, especially couples will find themselves tested by the trails of couple-hood. 

It could mean profound soul searching and an open conversation to gauge the intricacies of a relationship. Since happy relationships hold the key to lasting happiness and joy, it isn’t surprising that there is an entire day dedicated to the celebration of love. Yet, it is said that each day should be a celebration of love during which people shower their loved ones with attention, gifts or simply kind words and loving gestures. 

 For all the singles, Valentine’s Day might rankle their lonely hearts but self-love is a requisite in all aspects of deep, genuine and thriving love. Thus, focusing on oneself and connecting with one’s inner soul could fulfill a person until the right person comes along, with the vows of everlasting love. And the feeling of true love is one of the best that a person can ever experience, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about. 

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