Excavator driver rescued from River


By Our Correspondent ,Humla, Feb. 3: A driver who plunged into the Karnali River along with his excavator has been rescued alive in Humla. 

The incident occurred when the excavator was opening a diversion along the Karnali Corridor, whose construction is in progress along its Humla section. 

The rescued excavator driver has been identified as Dharma Baduwal of Chhayanath Rara Rural Municipality-4, Mugu district. 

Immediately after the incident, locals gathered at the site, dived into the river and rescued the driver alive, said police. 

Police Inspector Gita Prasad Chaudhary said that the incident happened while the diversion construction work was going on at Giusi of Sarkegad Rural Municipality of the district. 

The excavator (Ba 2 Jha 7780) got totally submerged into the river. The construction site lies some 10 metres above the river, said Tej Bahadur Mahat, one of the representatives of the construction company Sapana Dhulikhel JV.

The construction company had hired the excavator from Ujjwal Construction  Following the incident, the construction company has sought support of the Nepali Army to get another excavator until the company manages a new one. 

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