Saipal goats brought to Humla for Dashain


By Our Correspondent

Humla Sept 28 : Goats have arrived in Humla from Saipal in Bajhang for the Dashain festival.

Goats from Saipal have been brought after mountain goats cannot be brought from China due to four border points between Nepal and China being closed due to COVID-19.

Goat trader Jaya Bahadur Shahi said that two lots of goats were brought and sold from Saipal and now it is time for one lot to arrive.

He said that in the two lots, more than 300 goats were bought and sold. About 300 goats are arriving now, he said.

He said that if the chyangras came from China, the same chyangras used to be taken everywhere, but now they have not arrived, and they have to bring goats from the place where they were sent yesterday and sell them.

It takes ten days to bring goats from Saipal to Simkot. He said that because the price of goats is expensive there, the price of one goat is Rs. 30,000.

Three other traders have also brought goats from Saipal. They had also brought goats from Saipal last year. He said that around 1,000 to 1,500 goats entered Humla from Saipal.

During Dashain, large numbers of chyangras are supposed to enter Humla, but when the border is closed, the people of Humla will have to celebrate Dashain with goats available locally and brought from Sapial.

He said that because the price of goats is higher than that of chyangras, the Dashain of Humla people will also be expensive.

Ram Bahadur Bhandari, the senior vice president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that due to the lack of goats for Dashain, traders are buying local goats in the southern region.

He said that at least 7000 to 9000 goats are sacrificed during Dashain, so traders are supplying goats to meet the local demand.

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