Power generation project completes in ten days


By Sachin Pokhrel/Nisha Rai, Dharan, Aug. 13: With the commitment and activism of the newly elected Mayor Harka Raj Rai (Sampang), the Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City has successfully generated electricity from the local Sardu River in Dharan.

The Sub Metropolitan City has generated 300W electricity from the river with the concept of Mayor Sampang.

The mayor inaugurated the power house by cutting a ribbon and turning on a light.  

The project was completed within 10 days and was possible with the voluntary labour of the locals under the initiative of Mayor Sampang.

With the active participation of the locals and Mayor Sampang, the sub-metropolis has successfully generated electricity by installing a 750W turbine and operating a prototype of mini micro hydro power.

Project manager Tarka Magar informed that electricity was produced by turning the turbine after pouring water from the 31-meter head in the power house.

“The project was successfully completed with the concept and activism of Mayor Sampang and voluntary labour of the locals,” he said.

According to him, the project is successful in producing 300W electricity. A total of 20 light bulbs could be lit with the generated electricity.

Inaugurating the power house in the presence of the locals, Mayor Sampang said the project, which was initiated as an experiment, turned out to be a success. 

“This is a small but model project. Our dream of generating light has just been fulfilled and this has set an example that electricity can be produced in Dharan as well,” he said.

“Now our goal is to carry out the major project by moving forward with big plans,” he added.

Mayor Sampang also expressed his commitment to building a pond in Baniyatar to produce electricity and supply it throughout the city.

He also informed that he had a plan to produce electricity from wind turbines during winter. 

“There are many plans for the development of Dharan and we need everyone’s cooperation to complete them,” he added.

Aaindra Bikram Begha, Deputy-Mayor of Dharan, said that since this is a prototype of mini micro hydro power house, it has become an important study centre for students.

Rupak Khadka, a social activist, said with the success of this project, a message has been delivered that electricity can be produced from local rivers, canals and streams.

The project cost approximately Rs. 350,000. Itahari’s Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provided necessary items like generator, volt meter, and twine for the prototype free of charge.

Locals of Dharan are proud after the project was successfully completed.

People of Dharan have been supporting Mayor Sampang in his initiative for positive changes in the city.  People of the city elected an independent candidate in the recently held local poll.

Prior to this, Mayor Sampang had successfully completed a drinking water project to resolve the drinking water problems in the city.

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