Melamchi folks urged to remain cautious


Photos - Chitra Mijar/TRN

Sindhupalchowk, Aug 6: Heavy rainfall has taken place in Ghumthang, Dhap, Nakate, and other areas in the Sindhupalchok district.     

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has issued a warning of flash floods in Melamchi, Balefi and other small rivers of the district as heavy rainfall has been recorded in this area for the last three to six hours.

The Flood Forecasting Division of the Department has asked the residents of the area to remain on high alert, saying that there is a risk of landslides on the sloping land.   

Meanwhile, Balchit Khadka, a resident of Chanaute said that the water level in the river has increased all of a sudden and some people were already staying out of their homes.  

Similarly, a landslide occurred in Melamchi municipality-2 Nibu village last night. The Bhotechour-Kaule road was blocked due to the landslide that occurred at 10:15 pm.

As a result, some houses in the area are at risk of coming under landslides, Area Police Office Melamchi said. The occupants of the houses have been shifted to a safer location. (RSS)

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