'Create public awareness against COVID-19'


Jhapa, July 19  : All local levels, health facilities, and national and international non-government organizations have been requested to create public awareness against COVID-19.    
The district disaster management committee meeting chaired by Chief District Officer Chhabilal Rijal made such a request in the wake of increasing cases of coronavirus of late. Anyone suspecting the infection is urged to visit the nearby health facility to conduct the test. Similarly, avoiding crowds and the use of masks are underscored by the meeting.    
CDO Rijal informed that the meeting decided to make effective the COVID test at Kakadbhita border point with the coordination among stakeholders, including Red Cross.    
With the coordination of the District Health Office, all local levels are asked to administer booster doses against COVID-19 and ensure stock of necessary medicines, masks, test kits, VTS, and other essentials.    
The establishment of a holding center having 100 beds was finalized at Duhagadhi.    
Meanwhile, the National Land Commission has begun the distribution of land ownership certificates to the landless Dalit and squatters in Jhapa. Commission Chairperson Tilak Pande informed that a total of 83 households were provided the land ownership certificates in the last six months.    
The landless households from Maharanijhoda (50) of Gauradaha Municipality and Buddhashanti Rural Municipality (33) were provided the land document.  (RSS)    

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