Paddy production increases in Chitwan


By Our Correspondent Chitwan, June 24: Paddy production has increased in Chitwan this year. 

Paddy yield in Chitwan is almost double that of national paddy production average.

Last year, paddy production was around four to five tonnes per hectare, but this year it has increased to 6.5 tonnes.

According to the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project, Chitwan, paddy production is estimated to have increased with the selection of seeds and timely use of chemical fertilisers.

National paddy production stands at around 3.8 tonnes per hectare.

Madhav Poudel, information officer of the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project, Chitwan, said, "Production has increased. 

We are finalising the statistics of paddy production and will send it to the centre."

"It is very good to have 6.5 tonnes per hectare," he said. "We are asking for details from everywhere." 

It is natural that the production of Chaite paddy has increased but the production of paddy planted in the rainy season has also increased this year, said Poudel.

According to the office, the increase in production was due to change in the varieties of paddy, non-infestation of insects, use of chemical fertilisers and timely rains.

Chaite paddy is being planted in 7,500 hectares in the district. The office has informed that seasonal paddy is being planted in 28,000 hectares in the district.

According to the office, different varieties of paddy, including Hardinath 1, Chaite 5 and Sabitri are being planted in Chitwan.

According to the office, farmers are not getting good prices for paddy for not being able to stock the produced paddy and sell it after harvesting.

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