2.2% of Nepalis with some form of disability


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, July 11: The percentage of people with disability in the total population of Nepal is calculated to be 2.2.

The statistics of National Census 2078 BS showed that out of total disability, people with physical disability amount to 37.1%.

Similarly, of the total percentage of the disable, 17.1% are with low sight, 5.4% without sight, 7.1% with total hearing impairment and 4.3% with psych-social disability. Likewise, 8.0% have low hearing, 1.6% have deafness and sightlessness, 1.8% have intellectual disability, 0.8% are with hemophilia and 8.9% have multiple disabilities.

According to the census, Nepal's population is 29 million 192 thousand and 480.

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