No shortage of chemical fertilizers in Madhesh this time


Biragunj, July 11: Madhesh Province which often sees a shortage of chemical fertilizers during cultivation is no longer facing such a problem this year.    
The Salt Trading Corporation Ltd and the Agriculture Inputs Company have informed that they had adequate stock of chemical fertilizers to cater to the farmers' needs.    
These two companies have been distributing the fertilizers. The Agriculture Inputs Company covers 70 per cent of the distribution, while the Salt Trading 30 per cent.    
They are supplying the chemical fertilizers as per the quota at the local level based on the area of arable land, record of past consumption, and crop intensity.    
Province Office Chief of Salt Trading Corporation, Amoj Lamichhane, informed that the farmers would not see any shortage of fertilizer this year. "This year, the chemical fertilizer has been distributed more- 8,845.15 tonnes plus than the same period last year. So, it would suffice the demand," he argued.    
The Office has provided a total of 52,652.35 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers (urea, DAP and potassium) to eight districts of Madhes Province till Asar 24 of this fiscal year.    
The highest demand is urea- 27,614 metric tonnes, which is followed by DAP (23,687 metric tonnes) and potassium (13061.50 metric tonnes).    
In the same period last year, a total of 43,807 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers was supplied to eight districts of Madhes Province.    
The fertilizers are distributed to 1,270 wards via 1,029 dealers. Out of total purchases for the country, Madhes Province alone sees 26.50 per cent distribution of the chemical crop booster.    
Similarly, Koshi Province receives 21.5 per cent, Lumbini Province 20.6 per cent, and Bagmati Province 14. 80 per cent, and Sudurpaschim Province 9.70 per cent and Karnali Province two per cent of the total chemical fertilizer. (RSS)    


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