Bridge construction in limbo for 7 years


By Liladhar Oli, Ghorahi, July 10: The bridge has not been completed even seven years after its start because of the sheer ignorance of the construction entrepreneurs in Dang. So far, only two pillars of the bridge have been fixed even though it was agreed to complete it in two years. 

The contract was signed in 2017 to be completed by 2019 to build a bridge over Tuikhola at Gidhaniya of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City-13, Dang district. 

According to the Road Division Office, the contract was given to Adventure JV of Nepalgunj. So far, the period has been extended to four more times as the bridge failed to be completed in the stipulated time. 

The local Arun Nepali said that the bridge should have been completed by June 29, 2023, as per the fourth extension of the dateline but due to the contractors' extreme negligence, any work on the bridge is yet to proceed. 

He said that the locals are suffering from a lack of a bridge as commuting becomes difficult. 

He said, “ Locals were elated with the start of the project, now the happiness has left a bitter taste as no work has proceeded on the construction of the bridge. It felt that crossing river over greater risk has finally ended but now it feels like the bridge may never see its completion.” 

The bridge of 71 meters has been unable to be completed in seven years.  

According to the engineer of the Road Division office, Dang, Mahesh BK, the contract has been terminated as the contractor did not start the project even after repetitive requests. 

After the termination of the contract, the construction businessman has filed a case in the court. 

“The construction work will be delayed for some time because of the court case. We are preparing to start the construction of the bridge by giving new tender from the upcoming fiscal year.”

He claimed that the construction of the bridge got delayed because of the sheer ignorance of builders. 

Engineer BK said, “We requested repeatedly to start the project. Because of the negligence of the contractor, we have come to a situation where a new tender has to be filed giving a new contractor for the project.”

He said that the court had dismissed the case by construction builders. 

The contract for the project was signed with an investment of Rs 68,237,000. 

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