Construction of motorable bridges over before deadline


Khotang, June 18: Two motorable bridges along the Diktel-Chakhewabhanjyang road section have been constructed before the time limit.    
The bridges were constructed over the Bhalukhola stream of Solma, Majhuwagadhi municipality-2, and over the Mewakhola stream of Nerpa, Majhuwagadhi-6. The road section belongs to the Mid-Hill Highway.    
The construction company was contracted with the Road Department two years back with the timeframe of completing the undertaking before July 6, 2024. The cost for bridges was Rs 77.4 million.    
Both newly constructed bridges are 20-meter long each.    
Even the approach roads were completed.    
General Secretary of Khotang Transport Pvt, Ram Hingmang, informed that road transportation was eased after the construction of two motorable bridges.    
In the same road section, another 20-meter long bridge has also been completed before deadline. The motorable bridge is built over the Chhepekhola stream located in the border of Nerpa and Solma. The Sagarmatha JV was contracted for building the infrastructure.    
Representative of the construction company, Krishna Ghimire, informed that as the undertaking was over and the bridge also came into operation, the company was ready for dispensation to the Road Department and receiving last tranche.    
Chief of District Coordination Committee, San Bahadur Rai, said they had directed the construction companies frequently to maintain quality and complete the bridges on time. "We encouraged the construction company to complete the undertaking on time. It was not possible to conclude the construction before rains, but they did," he said, adding that they were planning to award the contractor.    
Meanwhile, the Siruwa Construction Kathmandu failed to complete the bridge over Pankhukhola stream that links Buwasung to Lamidanda, resulting into cancellation of the contract. The contract was terminated on May 25.    
The locals have been worried over the indifference of the concerned sectors to intensify the works of bridge construction, which would ease transportation to Bhojpur from the district. RSS      

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