RSP leader Shrestha wants policy clarity in party


Kathmandu, June 15: Central member of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) and youth leader Biraj Bhakta Shrestha has pointed out the need of policy clarity in the party.

During a tea reception the party hosted on the occasion of the 2nd establishment day of the party here today, central member Shrestha suggested leadership that it document the policy issues incorporated in the announcement made in the Jaleshwor meeting.

The joint meeting of the central committee and parliamentary party committee of the RSP held at Jaleshwor last September had made public a political report, as per which, leader Shrestha made aware the leadership.

"RSP must have a clear policy. We can't move ahead in a whim," he underlined, adding that every responsible member of the party and common people need to be aware of it.

Also, the Minister for Youth and Sports, leader Shrestha extended best wishes on the occasion. He viewed the RSP as at work to end governance malaise. 

Shrestha further said the alliance with the ruling parties needs to be reviewed. 

"The governance ills are more dangerous than the social ills, which we're experiencing now. Although we're in government, we are acting on a double-edged sword," he shared the plight.

The support RSP has given to the government needs review, he underscored. 

On a different note, Minister Shrestha shared that the Finance Ministry on Friday had released the budget to confer prizes on the winners in various national and international sports competitions. 

The Minister is scheduled to make public the activities he had carried out in the last 100 days. (RSS)

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