Dhime Baja training to youth held in Tanahun


By Our Correspondent,Tanahun, June 12: Training is being provided in Tanahun to teach the young generation to play the Dhime Baja, a musical instrument.

With the support of Gandaki Pragya Pratishthan Pokhara, the youth of Shuklagandaki Municipality-4 are actively learning to play the Dhime Baja. 

In collaboration with the Academy, Aridev Newa Puch: Service Fund of the same place is conducting a one-month Dhime Baja training in Dulegauda.

 Gyan Narayan Shrestha, president of Aridev Newa Puchah Seva Fund, expressed concern over the diminishing presence of traditional dances, instruments, and music within the community due to the increasing influence of the Internet, DJs, and modern songs. 

Ashok Kumar Shrestha, a member of the Gandaki Province Assembly, expressed happiness at witnessing the new generations showing interest in playing the traditional instrument. 

He emphasised the importance of not only educating children but also teaching them about their culture.

 Shrestha highlighted that the preservation of culture was crucial for maintaining the country's identity. 

Manakumar Shrestha, member secretary of Gandaki Pragya Academy, Pokhara, said that the academy was actively conducting various programmes aimed at preserving the language, culture, and traditions of all communities.

 He stressed the importance of active participation from relevant communities in preserving their language and culture. 

Madhusudan Joshi facilitated the training, which saw the participation of 40 youths under the fund. 

Aridev Newa Puch: Sewa Kosh emphasised the significance of Dhime Baja in Newar culture, stating that it is integral from birth to death, and no festival, ritual, or celebration is complete without music. 

In recent times, there has been a concerning trend of traditional costumes and accessories disappearing from formal programmes, prompting efforts for preservation.

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