ENOUGH campaign launch to end child malnutrition and hunger


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, May 30: Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Bhagbati Chaudhary has said that special care should be taken from pregnancy of every woman to prevent children from being malnourished.

Addressing a launching programme of ENOUGH campaign to end child malnutrition and hunger in collaboration with World Vision International Nepal and Association of Community Radio Broadcaster’s Nepal (ACORAB) on Thursday Minister Chaudhary pointed at the need of further collaboration between all governments and concerned agencies to work together for the end of malnutrition from the nation.

Minister Chaudhary said Rs. 15 per student per day as allocated by the federal government is not sufficient for quality food in their school’s tiffin, therefore, local governments must be serious to manage quality tiffin for children by managing alternative sources.

Minister Chaudhary informed that she had received the report of the study conducted in various children's homes from the parliamentary committee and said that the report of the committee stated that quality food was not provided for the children. In this regard, the Ministry will immediately act on the issues, she committed.

National Director of World Vision International Nepal Roslyn H. Gabriel said, “World Vision with this campaign focused primarily on child hunger and malnutrition, and aims to support the government of Nepal’s efforts to ensure nutrition for children. The country’s commitment to meeting sustainable development goal, national priorities like multi-sectoral nutrition plan-III, 16th periodic plan will be supported by this campaign.”

ACORAB’s chairperson Arjun Giri further added on the role of media particularly community radios in sensitizing the issue of malnutrition and hunger.

The three-years campaign has been launched jointly by World Vision International Nepal and Association of Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB). The event saw the participation of children, community representatives, government, elected representatives, donors, civil society, media, and partner organisations.

It is informed that Nepal has enough resources to provide a healthy and nutritious diet for all its people, but the country is still seeing alarming rates of malnutrition in the country. 1 in every 8 households faces food insecurity and 1 in every 4 children is stunted with both their brains and body not growing to their full potential due to lack of a healthy diet.

To combat the situation, the World Vision International Nepal has a fund pledge of 1.7 million USD to support the government of Nepal in the sector of child hunger and malnutrition in Nepal. World Vision launched the ENOUGH campaign globally on 22 September 2023 during the United National General Assembly (UNGA).

The ENOUGH Campaign will focus on some key areas, including access to nutritional food and supplements for children in schools and communities; increase in exclusive breastfeeding; growth monitoring and promotion; collaboration with the government on Nutrition-friendly Local Governance; increased budget for addressing child hunger and malnutrition.

The programme aims to improve the well-being of 0.8 million children, in particular the most vulnerable ones by 2025 and work alongside children, communities and the government to improve nutrition outcomes for all children in Nepal.

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