No satisfactory progress in sustainable development goals: Chair Rana


Kathmandu, May 23: Chairperson of Agriculture, Cooperative and Natural Resources Committee under the House of Representatives, Dr Arzu Rana, has pointed out the need for collaboration of all to fulfill sustainable development goals, as the expected level of progress has not been achieved in attaining the SDGs.  

In the second day session on 'Climate Justice, Equality and Local Voice: Gender and Youth' under the International Expert Dialogue on Mountain, People and Climate Change began here on Wednesday, she shared that the report regarding the sustainable development released by the United Nations mentioned that the progress of sustainable development goals was not satisfactory. 

Rana pointed out the need to boost capacity by identifying challenges brought by climate change, stressing that climate change-related policy should be effectively implemented. 

Saying climate-related programme should be run using local knowledge and political consensus should be formed, Chairperson Rana underscored, "Climate change-related agreements should have legally binding provision."

Similarly, Justice of the Supreme Court, Sapana Pradhan Malla, stressed the need to ensure people's right to live in a clean environment. 

Stating that Nepalis have not been able to live in a clean environment, Malla mentioned that the court's efforts for the implementation of their fundamental rights would be continued. 

Likewise, Dr Popular Gentle Bhusal, climate expert to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', underlined that all mountainous countries in the world should be univocal to resolve the problems as mountain areas have been mostly affected. 

"There is a big ditch in climate policy implementation but the government is active for its effective implementation", he said. 

Chief Executive of the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change, Pakistan, Aisha Khan, expressed the view that good learnings made on climate change impacts and its solution should be exchanged among the countries. 

Sharing that study and research was necessary on the issue of the environmental crisis of the country, climate campaigner Anjali Chalise stressed mobilizing youths for the same.

Meanwhile speaking in the second-day session on 'Leading Adaption Locally: Mountain to Marin Ecosystem' today, former Foreign Minister Dr Bimala Rai Paudyal, laid emphasis on the need of increasing grants for climate adaptation programme to lessen the negative impacts of climate change. 

She expressed the view that a process should be simplified to bring grants from the climate fund, adding the received grants should be distributed addressing the women and marginalized communities. 

Former Minister Paudyal explained that social discrimination should be ended addressing the problems brought by climate change. (RSS)

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