Kalpavriksha band focuses on social, human interest issues


Kathmandu, May 20: Vishal Poudel, an instrumentalist, vocalist, music composer and arranger, formed a musical band called Kalpavriksha four years ago.

 They recently released their first song, ‘Lyang Bho’. Presented through the Kalpavriksha band, the song is penned by Bishnu Joshi, with Poudel himself providing the vocals.

The video features a dynamic ensemble performance by band members Vishal Poudel, Sudip Singh, Sandeep Gurung and Yogesh Magar.

‘Lyang Bho’ reflects the current situation in Nepal, highlighting political issues and widespread corruption. It also emphasises the determination of Nepali youth to improve their country and questions why so many young Nepalis seek better opportunities abroad. The song urges the youth to take action and contribute to the betterment of Nepal. Inspired by metal and progressive rock genres, ‘Lyang Bho’ incorporates these musical styles.

Poudel said that the band aims to create songs focusing on social issues, transgender issues, political topics, spiritualism, human interest stories and mental health challenges. 

They have no intention of releasing romantic songs through this band in the near future. Their upcoming release, ‘Kalpavriksha’ will address the issues, problems and challenges faced by transgender individuals in Nepal.

 The band is preparing a storytelling music video for this song, said Poudel.

Although the band was formed four years ago, Poudel has been a significant figure in the Nepali music scene for about two decades. Throughout his career, he has contributed as a music arranger, sound producer, and instrumentalist, collaborating with renowned vocalists such as Nabin K Bhattarai and Hemanta Rana. Recognising the need to forge their path, he and his team decided to form the band four years ago.

Poudel, who has a personal affinity for jazz music, is part of the Kalpavriksha band, which primarily focuses on progressive rock elements.

 “After four years of hard work and preparation, our band released its first song, and we have many more ready. From now on, we will be releasing songs back-to-back,” said Poudel.

Poudel has been fascinated with music since his childhood, recalling that he would play guitar for 16 hours a day. Despite having no formal education in music, he learned by listening to bands like Iron Maiden, an English heavy metal band. Their music and style impress him deeply, ultimately moulding his vocal style to resemble theirs.

Kalpavriksha band has no front man singer. Poudel upholds the belief that every member of the band is of equal importance. 

In Nepal and India, where education may be lacking, there’s a tendency to prioritise the vocalist as the primary member of a band, said Poudel.

Kalpavriksha challenges this notion by emphasising the collective talent and significance of all its members, added Poudel.

Poudel has arranged over 500 songs so far and lent his voice to about a dozen songs. 

Solely immersed in music, Poudel and his band have a studio in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, where he stays busy with sound production and preparing for their new songs. 

The band comprises Sudip Singh on guitar, Sandeep Gurung on bass guitar, Yogesh Magar on drums, and Poudel on lead guitar and vocals.

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