Blueprint For Development


With the national economy on recovery trail, the government is poised to achieve good governance, social justice and prosperity. This commitment has been made through its new fiscal year’s policy and programmes presented at the joint session of the federal parliament on Tuesday. President Ramchandra Paudel read out the policy document that has analysed the government's past performance and achievements, and drawn up future vision for development. The policy and programmes have set nine priorities that include implementation of the constitution, strengthening of federalism, economic revival, increase in production and productivity, job creation, promotion of good governance and effective public service delivery. The government has focused on investing in industries, agriculture and information technology so as to increase job and attain economic independence and self-reliance. 

In view of the weak manufacturing sector, the government has launched 'Partnership for Production and Employment’ scheme based on collaboration between the government, private sector, cooperatives, and communities. This is expected to enhance domestic production and reduce the import of foreign goods. Agriculture has been the mainstay of economy but it is not faring well in the absence of proper incentives, investment, labour force and technology. To overcome these inadequacies, the government has declared 'Investment Decade in Agriculture’ starting from upcoming fiscal year. The new campaign is geared towards modernising and commercialising the agro sector. This will help attain self-reliance on the production of fruits in five years and livestock and fish in two years.

Likewise, the government has launched 'Information Technology Decade' to develop Nepal as global IT hub, enabling to generate 5,000 jobs through the operation of information technology workstations in appropriate locations in the Kathmandu Valley and each province. For this, Digital Nepal Framework will be overhauled to make service delivery more effective. It will provide concessional loans to 1,000 youths to run start-ups under the national campaign for innovation and start-up. The development projects will be selected and given continuity considering their socio-economic benefits and provincial balance. The government has decided to brand and export local liquor, set up Citizens Service Centre in coordination with local level to provide service of the different agencies from a single point, operate the closed industries, resolve the settlement problems of 500,000 landless squatters and increase the installed capacity of electricity to 4,500 megawatt in the next one year.

The government has expressed commitment to completing the remaining tasks related to peace processes and transitional justice based on agreement, understanding and compromises. The Federal Civil Service Act that is vital for consolidating federalism will be implemented soon.  There will be zero tolerance against corruption, and the anti-graft agencies such as the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) will be strengthened. Drinking water from Melamchi River will be supplied to the capital valley round the year. In order to solve the problems related to cooperatives, it will create a dedicated regulatory body, specialised funds and recovery mechanisms and encourage the mergers among the savings and credit cooperatives. The policy and programmes are comprehensive, reflecting the government's pledge to address the burning problems facing the nation. Though some old plans and commitments have also found their place in the document, it entails far-sighted approach to bring about socio-economic transformation. The political and bureaucratic leadership must demonstrate their determination, grit and aptitude to translate the lofty objectives of the government into reality. 

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