Water quality and accessibility to be ensured


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 14: The government has come up with policies and programs to maintain the quality of water and make water accessible to all.

The water quality will be checked, one-home-one tap will be made effective, a deep boring well will be ensured in Terai Madhes areas, drying up water resources in the hills will be protected, 12 months of water distribution in Kathmandu and areas of Bhaktapur along Arainko highway will be ensured through Melamch drinking water project,  water resources from Shivapuri National park will extracted and distributed to ensure water accessibility to all, maintenance of cleaning and hygiene in water resources areas with the support of all three tiers of government along with the participation of people, will be ensured, and the pollution processing center to will be developed, said President Ramchandra Paudel while presenting the government policy and programmes for the upcoming fiscal year of 2081/082 today at the federal parliament.

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