Small projects will be handed to Province and Local levels: PM Prachanda


Photo: PM's Secretariat

By TRN Online, Salyan, May 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the small projects under the federal government will be directly handed over to provincial and local governments to strengthen federalism further.  

Addressing a newly built administrative building of Darma Rural Municipality inauguration programme in Salyan on Friday, the PM viewed that federalism is being further strengthened by amending the policies and work plan related to the budget from this year. 

The PM shared, “The decision has been made to hand over the projects worth less than Rs 30 million to provincial and local and to end the duality observed in projects. These practices will further strengthen the federal republic democracy.”

Mentioning that after leading the government for the third time, the PM maintained that his greater focus has been directed towards implementing federalism and that in this period two major decisions were taken following the two meetings of the National Coordination Council. 

Saying that if the local level exercises federalism rightly then vital work regarding service delivery and strategically important work including ensuring the protection of resources, multifaceted mobilization, and empowerment of rural economics, and upgrade in the social list can be accomplished, the PM expressed his belief that if the common list of rights of provincial and local level will be practised correctly, the local level will contribute qualitatively to the development of the economy of the country along with the improvement of the rural economy.

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