Foot trail constructed from Dharan to Sangurigadhi


By Nisha Rai,Dharan, Apr. 21: Under the leadership of Harka Raj Rai, the Mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, the construction of a footpath from Dharan to the historic Sangurigadhi has started through labour donations aiming to enhance accessibility to this tourist destination area.

Sangurigarhi stands out as one of the most picturesque destinations in the eastern region. Historically, residents from eastern hilly areas like Dhankuta, Tehrathum, Sankhuwasabha and beyond spend time in this area while travelling between the mountains and Madhesh. 

Presently, a footpath project from Dharan to Sangurigadhi is underway, which is supported by federal, provincial, and local governments, as well as public donations.

Sudarshan Limbu, the official of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, said that although the construction of the footpath has been started since last year, due to the lack of budget, the construction work has not gained the desired pace. The footpath was inaugurated by Mayor Rai, and Aindra Bikram Begha, the Deputy Mayor, on June 21, 2023.

Last year, the budget for footpath construction was allocated by the Federal Government's Urban Development and Building Construction Department through the Federal Project Implementation Unit.

Limbu reported that in the current fiscal year, a total budget of Rs. 9.7 million has been allocated, with 40 per cent of the funds utilised for footpath construction and the remaining 60 per cent allocated for the construction of multi-purpose buildings in Ward 4 of the sub-metropolitan city.

According to him, a budget of Rs. 2.85 million was obtained for footpaths, while an additional 20 per cent was sourced through labour donations. He said that this year, the construction of the footpath started with a budget of Rs. 5 million received from the federal government. To supplement the project, labour donations totalling around Rs. 1.2 million will be contributed, which started on Saturday.

Mayor Rai expressed his aspiration to transform the path traversed by his ancestors into a renowned tourist attraction. He emphasised that incorporating historical icons and materials used by ancestors along the route would benefit both domestic and foreign tourists.

He also informed an increase in tourist visits to Shramsanskrit Park in Dharan this year. Although the distance from Dharan to Sangurigadhi is approximately 12 kilometres, the footpath has been constructed throughout 512 metres. 

With plans for extension up to 585 metres contingent upon the prompt release of the budget, the sub-metropolitan city aims to complete the project within this year.

During the unification of Nepal, there is a historical account of the late Prithvi Narayan Shah conquering this fort in the Limbuwan region and dispatching his army to the east through this strategic stronghold. 

Presently, the federal government has allocated a budget for the construction of the footpath, aiming to transform the historic route into a tourist attraction connecting BP Park and Shram Park in Dharan Ward No. 20.

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