Ram Nawami celebrated with fanfare in Inaruwa


By Our Correspondent,Inaruwa, Apr. 19: Ram Nawami is marked by religious and cultural celebrations in Inaruwa and Harinagar of Sunsari district.

 Locals observed this occasion by crafting idols of Lord Ram at home, conducting pujas, and engaging in cultural festivities.

 Devnarayan Yadav from Inaruwa -9 Babia and locals created and worshipped idols of Lord Ram at home while 24-hour Ashtayam programmes were held at numerous places. 

Devotees flocked to various temples such as Ramdhuni Temple and Ramjanaki Temple for worship, with additional programmes held on the occasion, including religious and cultural tableaux, singing hymns and chanting mantras at venues like Ram Temple and Ramjanaki Temple.

Resident Babunandan Yadav said that Ram Nawami honours the moral value of Ram Rajya, symbolising good governance, order, religion, peace, justice, and moral perfection.

 He emphasised the festival’s message of embodying virtues like patriotism, familial respect, compassion, fasting, gratitude, and effective governance while rejecting the negativity represented by Rawana. 

Pappu Yadav, another local, shares that even in the villages of Harinagar, a comprehensive 24-hour Ashtayam programme was successfully organised.

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