80% acidic soil in Bagmati's cultivable land


Photo: Anil Parajuli/TRN

By Anil Parajuli, Hetauda, April 15: It has been found that there is soil acidity in 80 per cent of the cultivable land in Bagmati Province.  

The Soil and Fertilizer Testing Laboratory Hetauda, Bagamati Province, found in the process of lab testing of soil that there is soil acidity in the land of the Province. 

Chief of the Soil and Fertilizer Testing Laboratory Hetauda, Dr Janardan Khadka, there was a deficiency in organic fertilizer by 50 per cent. The soil acidity is spiking because of a lack of organic fertilizer, rainwater, an ancient rock that turns into soil, and due to human activities. 

The soil acidity has been found more in, other districts besides Kathmandu Valley which has commercial agriculture and vegetable farming, Kavrepalanchok, Dhading, Nuwakot, Chitwan and Makawanpur districts. 

He said that the decrease in organic land was observed because of the decrease in fertilizer of animals, no longer decaying shrubs on land, and spraying organic fertilizer in rental lands. The amount of nitrogen, potash and phosphorous, however, was found as usual. 

He said that the 30 per cent decrease in phosphorous and potash is no issue. 

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