Nepal Police carries out investigations on 23 serious cases in a year


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Kathmandu, March 28: The Nepal Police conducted successful investigations on 23 huge cases in the past year.     

Organizing a news conference at Nepal Police Headquarters today, Nepal Police Spokesperson and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Bhim Prasad Dhakal said the Nepal Police completed investigations on the Lalita Niwas land scam, 60 kilograms of gold and also arrested Ram Bahadur Bamjon as a paedophile.     

Furthermore, DIG Dhakal said the other serious cases invested by the Nepal Police during the last year include the embezzlement of Deurali cooperative, the arrest of a Hundi trader, the scam of Shiva Shikhar cooperative, the seizure of 2,600 grams of cocaine, fake Bhutanese refugee scam and others.     

Dhakal shared that the Nepal Police filed altogether 59,061 cases across the country on different charges in a year. The highest number of cases include banking fraud.     

According to Dhakal, the number of cases is the highest in the Kathmandu Valley with 17,397 while Karnali Province has the lowest number of cases. (RSS)

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