NC Mahasamiti Meet


Nepali Congress (NC) delegates have commenced to discuss the five reports on policy, organisation, contemporary politics, economy and audit at its ongoing closed session of Mahasamiti (general committee) that kicked off in Lalitpur on Monday. The largest ruling party is poised to bolster its organisation while elucidating its views on constitution, economy and contemporary politics through the conclave. The NC has emerged as the largest political force from the three-tier elections held in November 2022 by allying with communist and regional parties. Despite being the biggest party, the party is facing challenges in implementing the electoral promise. With the rise of new parties, the established forces are under pressure to reform themselves and accommodate the emerging dynamics of society. Moreover, they have the onus to implement the new constitution that has envisioned building a socialism-oriented economy.

Against this backdrop, the Mahasamiti conclave carries weight in shaping the national politics. With the theme of 'Political stability, transformation and innovation, freedom, justice and equality,' the four-day gathering is being attended by over 2,000 representatives, including 1,780 Mahasamiti members elected from 165 Federal Parliament constituencies. It is the first Mahasamiti meeting since the party's 14th general convention held in December 2021. Vice president and Deputy Prime Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has presented policy report and general secretary duo Gagan Thapa and Bishow Prakash Sharma have tabled reports on organisational and contemporary political situation respectively. Spokesperson and Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat has registered report on Nepal's present economic status, possibilities and future course and Accounts Committee Coordinator Shyam Kumar Ghimire the party's audit report outlining the party's financial status, source of income and expenses. The delegates have been divided into four groups to comment and put forth their views on these dossiers. 

In his report, vice-president Khadka said that the country is on the stage of institutionalising landmark political changes and speeding up works to meet the citizens' necessities, desires and expectations as early as possible. Underlining the need for enhancing the people's trust in the new governance system, Loktantra, federalism, inclusion and free market economy, he has claimed that the NC has played a balanced, coordinating and all-acceptable role in the national politics. General secretary Thapa said that the five-party alliance was formed under the NC in the specific circumstances to safeguard constitution and Loktantrik system. Another general secretary Sharma said that Mahasamiti jamboree would guide the party into new transformation. He was of the view that the government has executed the common task of defending the statute and control corruption.  

Finance Minister Dr. Mahat said that the crisis-hit economy was now on the right track with accelerated growth and favourable macro-economic indicators. The government-initiated reforms seek to boost investment, cut interest rates and spur economic activities through budgetary measures. The NC leaders have also voiced for amending the statute without affecting its core principles and values. It is pertinent to raise a question as to why its leaders are calling for amending the statute eight years after it was promulgated. This indicates that there exists a gap between the commitment and performance of the political leaders. The Mahasamiti meeting reflects inner-party democracy that provides space to the cadres to air their views freely. Now there is a growing disgruntlement among the citizens with regard to the delivery of services and goods to the people. The Mahasamiti meeting must be able to create conducive environment in the direction of addressing the burning problems of the people.    

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