Nepal is origin of Vedic Sanatana culture: President Paudel


Kathmandu, Feb 13: President Ramchandra Paudel has said Nepal is the place of origin of the Vedic Sanatana culture.     

Inaugurating the Shreemad Bhagawat Saptah Gyan Mahayagya, a religious programme, organised by the Gargi Kanya Gurukula, a school for girls, today, the head of the state believed that the State will pay special attention to the development of the Gurukula.     

He highly appreciated the role played by the Gargi Kanya Gurukula Vidyashram school in providing Vedic education to the girls. "Women should be made educated, self-reliant and empowered to make the society civilized, well-cultured and prosperous," the President said.     

As he said, it was a matter of happiness that the Gargi Kanya Gurukula has made arrangements for providing Vedic education to girls in an environment reflecting the Gurukula tradition in the context of lack of provision for giving such education to girls in an appropriate manner at the existing Gurukulas in the country.     

He stated that it is laudable work that saints and holy persons in Devghatdham have been operating ashramas and Gurukulas following the motto of ancient saints and hermits, highlighting the importance of the place.     

"I have the inkling that the human resources educated in the Gurukulas can play a key role in the protection of the original culture, tradition, co-existence and self-esteem belonging to own soil," the President said.     

Stating that the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures, are considered the source of spiritual knowledge and science, he viewed Nepal as the 'land of the gods and of the quest for spiritualism'.     

The President said sages and saints such as Vasistha, Vishwamitra, Yagyawalkya, Ashtabakra and Gargi observed penance and meditated in various holy places of Nepal in the ancient period, gaining mystical power based on their rigorous meditation.     

Bagmati province government minister for tourism Pukar Maharjan said the provincial government will extend the maximum possible support for the development of Gargi Gurukula Vidyasharam which is linked with Vedic Sanatana culture. He, on behalf of the province government, pledged to provide Rs 4.5 million in support for the development of Gargi Gurukula and Rs 500,000 to the Mahayagya programme.     

Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Renu Dahal, said the Gargi Gurukula Vidyasharam will help in producing wise and able women citizens. She pledged the necessary support from the side of the Metropolis for the progress of the Gurukula.     

Dr Govinda Tandon, the Coordinator of the Mahayagya Organizing Main Programme Committee, informed that the Gargi Kanya Gurukula Vidyashram was established in 2075 BS to raise spiritual awareness in women.     

The Shreemad Bhagawat Mahayagya religious programme that was inaugurated today will run till February 21. (RSS)

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