Parliamentary delegation presents visit report to PM Prachanda


Kathmandu, Feb 12:  A parliamentary delegation that visited China last December submitted its visit report to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda'. 

The team headed by CPN (Maoist Centre) chief whip Hitraj Pandey presented the report to the Prime Minister amidst a programme today at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. 

Upon receiving the report, the Prime Minister pledged to consider the report's submissions in the government's upcoming policies and programmes. 

The parliamentary delegation visited China from December 18 to 30, 2023 at the invitation of the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) under the Ministry of Commerce, China.  

Fourteen members from the House of Representatives, three from the National Assembly and Federal Parliament Secretariat secretary Sudarshan Khadka were among those who visited China in the course of attending the 'workshop for Nepal's legislators'. 

Team leader Pandey said the report has been already submitted to the Speaker, NA Chair, Federal Parliament Secretariat and the government with a request to implement it. 

The delegation advised the government to focus on a people-centric development model for achieving overall development and prosperity. It also calls for the honest implementation of bilateral agreements, strengthening the State's right to land for development, creating an investment-friendly atmosphere for Chinese investments, and launching programs to attract Chinese tourists. 

The team also suggested linking rural settlements with road connectivity, ensuring a smooth supply of seeds, fertilizers, and agricultural tools to farmers, identifying potential tourist destinations and promoting them, and developing new villages with IT and other facilities.

The report also underscored the need to promote simultaneous development and environmental protection, along with making necessary preparations before any official visits.

Similarly, recommendations have been made for the government to consider opening borders with China and streamline their operations. It is suggested to allocate a budget for the construction of a building for the Nepali Embassy in China and to ensure the active participation of provinces and local levels during official visits to China. (RSS)

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