Make good governance foundation of prosperity: Minister Sharma


Kathmandu, Feb 10: Minister for Communications and Information, Rekha Sharma, has said good governance should be made a foundation of prosperity. 

Inaugurating the second general assembly of FNCCI Bagmati Province here today, Minister Sharma viewed good governance on all sides, including government and private sectors, could prop up efforts for economic prosperity.     

She, however, said, "It is true we are facing resource confines, but more worrying is nonuse of available resources." Minister Sharma also admitted that there are irregularities and leakages in the government sector, while private sectors are also dodging tax and misusing public property.     

According to her, the government is mandated to bring meaningful change in people's lives with prosperity by fortifying the changed political system. "Changing people's lives is elevating their economic condition in particular. So, it is imperative to develop the national economy," Minister Sharma underlined.     

Moreover, she argued that development in agriculture, tourism, hydropower and IT could pave the way for the country's economic prosperity. So, we had no option but to increase production in these sectors and ensure dividends to people.     

Moreover, the time has come for augmenting investment for national capital formation and a self-reliant economy. For it, the government is committed, the Minister underlined. (RSS)

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