If I Were A Son Of A Billionaire


Perhaps, if I were the son of a billionaire I

would be a millionaire, my every wish

would be fulfilled; every need shall repent

by fancy things.

And I would have to get a better education, my

lifestyle would be aristocracy, every little

wants and dreams may come true but I

am just the son of a grower; who barely 

manage to breathe a peaceful parcel.

However, I wouldn't be so simple, inspired

by tiny thoughts which has many desirous

pain hidden inside the deep dark cerebrum

and heart; my heart may not speak to

the darkness is what makes it dark.

Finally, if I were the son of a billionaire, I

would be a perfect guy but not a perfect son,

a wealthy man but not healthy, every light

has its own luminous that brightens up

every little fancy thing.

How did you feel after reading this news?

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