Unmanaged hospital premises in Kathmandu (Photo Feature)


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Jan 20: When one falls sick the hospital is the first thing people want to go. They get cured after receiving hospital treatment and return to normalcy. So, the hospital should be well-maintained and kept clean. However, this is not the case for some hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley.  

The number of people getting ill is surging owing to the quality of food, impure water, smoke, dust and lately because of the effect of climate change. Many people are suffering from chronic diseases, therefore, regular hospital visits have become a way of life nowadays. However, the one place that is supposed to be clean, fresh and of quality is found to be deregulated and ill-maintained. We can imagine the quality of care hospitals are rendering to the ill people with the state they are in. 

Chairs kept for visitors of patients, randomly thrown, underutilized and idly kept damaged things and health equipment in the premises of the hospitals, are the face of the some of hospitals of the Kathmandu Valley. We can imagine how much of a quality of receiving the hospital which itself seems ill can provide to the ailing people. 

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