Jajarkot quake survivors to get house loan upto Rs 2.5 million


House destroyed by the recent earthquake in Jajarkot. File photo.

Kathmandu, Dec 8: The quake survivors of Jajarkot district are eligible for a house loan of upto Rs 2.5 million at a maximum interest rate of two percentage points above the basic rate.

The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has come up with a provision for facilitating the reconstruction of the quake-damaged houses in Jajarkot through the first quarterly review of the Monitory Policy of the current fiscal year 2022/23.

For this, provisions will be made for the banks and the financial institutions (BFIs) to add up to 10 per cent or to the loan or mortgage ratio of the loan securities. 

It may be noted that the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck with its epicenter in Ramidanda of Jajarkot on November 3, causing a huge loss of life and property thereby forcing over 34,000 families to live in tents due to complete destruction of houses by the quake. 

Furthermore, the central bank made provisions for the BFIs to contribute upto 40 per cent of the amount to be spent separately to the Social Responsibility Fund from the profits of the ongoing fiscal year as well as previsions fiscal year. The contribution is aimed at the reconstruction of quake-damaged community schools, public hospitals and healthcare centres in the quake-affected areas. 

Similarly, the NRB has reduced the risk burden of real estate loans and share mortgage loan of more than Rs 5 million provided by the BFIs to 125 per cent. 

In case of house loan up to Rs 5 million, the monthly installment income ratio has been increased to 60 per cent. (RSS)

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