Trapped Red Panda rescued in Taplejung


By Chandra Pandak, Taplejung, Dec.8: A Red Panda (Habre) an endangered species, has been rescued in the Phaktanglung Rural Municipality of Taplejung.

The panda got trapped at Ekhabu, Bakhu area in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality-4 was safely rescued alive.  

As per the Himalayan Conservation Forum, Taplejung, a Red Panda stuck in a cotton-rope trap was rescued safely after the locals learned about it.

The detailed report of the incident has been prepared in the presence of the employees of the Himalayan Conservation Forum, representatives of the Division Forest Office and locals. 

Ramesh Rai, Co-coordinator of the Himalayan Conservation Forum said that the Red Panda has been thoroughly checked under the supervision of a veterinary and has been released to the forest after receiving medicine through vaccine.

The assumption has been made that the Red Panda might have fallen into a trap made for other animals by people who illegally hunt and take animals. 

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