Republican system will fall into trap if Maoist party becomes weak: PM Prachanda


By Bijaya Kumar Sah, Dhalkevar, Dec. 5: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', also the Chairman of the ruling CPN (Maoist Center), has viewed that the republican system will fall into the trap if the Maoist party becomes weak.

Addressing the frontline activist of the Maoist party at Gausala in Mahottari district today, PM Prachanda said that the Maoist party needs to be strong to safeguard political changes.

"As the Prime Minister and as the party Chairman I have observed the political situation in the country and around, and based on my perception, I am sure that if our party becomes weak, the federal democratic republic will face sabotage."

"The country will not stand if any autocracy emerges by sabotaging federal democratic republic. The country's existence will be at risk. No other forces except for the Maoist party are for shouldering federal democratic republic for the sake of national sovereignty and independence," said PM Prachanda, also the CPN (MC) chairperson.

The Maoist Chair urged the party cadres to take the message of the government and the party to the people in the course of the Special Transformation of the Maoist with the People campaign.

He said that the duration of the campaign will not be extended again. "We will review the campaign and then hold the party charter conference and then move forward with three-month-long party consolidation campaign."

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