Community-Police Partnership Programme becoming 'fruitful'


Kathmandu, Dec 5: The community-police partnership programme launched by the police in a bid to maintain peace and security has been found effective.     

Reviewing the programme launched five years ago to control crime and provide security in the society, the drive has met its goal, the police concluded.     

During the five years of the launch of the nation-wide programme in 2075 BS, over 10 million people have been a part of the awareness campaign, said Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuber Kadayat, the central police spokesperson.     

According to him, during the period, 184,535 community programmes under 100 headings were launched directly benefiting the total 102, 98,704 people. For running the programmes, partnership was established with 753 local levels, and a total of 23,992 partnership committees were formed at the district, municipal, ward, village and school levels.     

As per the community-police partnership concept, 2075, for increasing the community safety and security, the community would get the participation of Nepal Police, local levels, the existing community police and community service centre, non-political community and social organisations, organisations relating to women, children and youths, secondary level schools, organisations relating to education and dignitaries in the society.     

Around 20,000 awareness programmes against drug abuses were organised providing benefits to over one million people. Similarly, over 13,600 programmes on women violence reduction were held benefiting more than 680,000 people, said the police. The concept aims to establish relations between citizens and police while increasing the community safety and security and making the service delivery at the local level effective, said the police.     

Under the concept, there are 528 human resources, and 185 community poli8ce service centres which are providing services. (RSS)

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