Roshan Das emerging in music video direction


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Nov. 20: Roshan Das, a budding visionary in the realm of music video and short film direction, is reshaping the cinematic landscape through his creative techniques, artistic perspective and an unyielding zeal for narrative excellence.

Born at Godaita in Sarlahi, Roshan’s musical journey began in childhood. 

Nurturing his passion from a young age, Roshan’s creative spirit shone through as he experimented with his father Ram Pukar Das's video camera, capturing snippets of life around him with an innate sense of storytelling. 

As a teenager, Roshan began exhibiting his talent through his YouTube channel, showcasing short films and music videos that quickly drew attention for their originality and captivating narratives.

 His works caught the eye of industry professionals, opening doors to collaborations with emerging artists and brands.

 Roshan's professional career took flight at the age of 18 when he directed his first music video.

He has so far helmed over 50 music videos and a critically acclaimed web series. 

He has not only directed the music videos but also written songs, including ‘Yehi ho Maya’, ‘Timle k Garchhas’, ‘Bhul Bhayo’, ‘Baisa Ko Pyash’ and ‘Naya Itihas’ are some of his popular music videos. 

He has also directed a few Maithili songs and directed 15 short films. 

He has also worked in films and serials too. 

At the age of 22, Roshan stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a new generation of filmmakers in Nepal, embodying a blend of talent, passion, and a fresh perspective on storytelling in the world of cinema. 

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