Lack of staff at Yari Naka Customs hampers work


By Our Correspondent, Humla, Nov. 19:There is a shortage of staff at the Yari Naka Customs Office near the border of Nepal and China.

Due to the fact that the Department of Customs is not able to manage the staff according to the required posts, there is a shortage of staff and it affects daily works.

Ramraj Jaisi, chief of the customs office, said that there is a problem in revenue collection due to the lack of sufficient staff in the office.

He complained that due to the fact that he was the only employee, there was a problem to check goods and issue bills of goods in the office.

He said that some goods were being sent out without customs clearance while he was engaged in issuing bills of the goods for customs clearance.

Stating that there will be an increase in revenue collection if there are employees according to the required posts, he said that there was no hearing when he repeatedly sent letters and verbal requests to the Department of Customs to arrange employees.

The office requested the Department for the arrangement of employees as per the posts, but so far that request has not been addressed.

There is a provision of one non-gazetted second-class officer for the office, but it remains vacant. Although there are two office assistants, they are unable to read and write, so it is not possible for them to collect the revenue.

Last August, when customs chief Jaisi had to go to Kathmandu in connection with the work of the office, revenue could not be collected for a month.

He said that due to the problem of non-arrival of bills of development construction, clothing and daily consumables goods from Taklakot in Purang Town, China, which created problems in revenue collection.

He said that it would be difficult to evaluate the goods when the bill did not come, so the revenue should be determined by asking the price of the goods in Taklakot over the phone.

On the other hand, due to the problem of the internet services, the office is having a problem to issue and entry bills through online.


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