40 poor patients' knee surgery at nominal cost


Specialists doctors from Chicago being honored at the annual day of Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH)

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Nov.9: As many as 40 people from humble backgrounds are getting knee replacement surgery in the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH), Jorpati, Kathmandu at a nominal cost this year. 

Operation Walk Chicago, USA funds the surgery, and a team of 40 medical staff led by Dr Victoria Brander from America have been performing surgery on 40 poor and marginalized people this year from November 6-10. 

Dhiraj Mainali, Administrative Chief of the NOH, said that a team of 40 medical staff mobilized by a non-profit Operation Walk Chicago, USA, have come to Nepal and are performing surgery on 40 people at a low cost. 

Mainali said, “Each year 40 patients, poor and marginalized, visiting OPD of NOH with knee complaints are noted down forming a list. Then, those who tick all the boxes are lined up from the list for knee replacement surgery at a nominal cost of Rs 1.5 lakh. This act of altruism has been going on since 2010.”

He however said that any new patient with knee issues or those who get knee injuries amid accidents will not qualify for the operation.

According to him, knee replacement surgery costs around Rs 4-5 lakh. Therefore, it is a great opportunity, especially for people on a hand-to-mouth basis, to get surgery is less than half of the market price. The knee implant is brought from the USA as a form of aid and a team of specialist doctors performs for free, therefore, only medicine and accommodation are added making the surgery cost low. 

He appealed to denizens to visit NOH if they need funding and have knee issues. 

A team of 40 medical staff mobilized by a non-profit Operation Walk Chicago, USA, comes to Nepal annually and performs surgery on 40 people at a low cost since 2010. 

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