Iih withdraws 'standing' protests after agreement with KMC


Kathmandu, Sept 27: A four-point agreement has been reached between Iih and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

It may be noted that Iih, a social activist and campaigner, had been staging a protest by standing in front of the KMC office, City Hall calling for alternative arrangement to accommodate street vendors.     

The agreement has been signed by Iih and the executive committee member Chinikaji Marhajan on behalf of the KMC this evening.     

Following the agreement, Iih has announced that the programs of protest have been postponed. It may be noted that Iih stood continuously in front of KMC office for 199 hours.     

According to the agreement reached between the two parties, it is mentioned that the goodies confiscated from street vendors would be returned by the metropolis to the respective owners.     

Accordingly, a committee will be formed to determine the place, time and people who could be involved in the street business and to arrange the methods, procedures and legal arrangements for providing the place and the committee will submit a report to the KMC within two months. The place for street vendors will be locations that are not prohibited by the law.     

The committee will comprise three people appointed by KMC, two on behalf of campaigner Iih, one representative each of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Urban Development, Traffic police, and street vendors. (RSS)

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