MPs are legislators devoted to country and people, Ghartimagar


Kathmandu, Sept 21: Member of Parliament Ishwari Ghartimagar has said that an MP is not a position that is only accountable to the party, but a legislator who is devoted to the country and the people.    
In a dialogue with RSS, MP Ghartimagar said however people remember MPs when they are in need of minor support such as making citizenship and passport to big development projects. People want all of their issues to be raised the House. However, it is not easy for parliamentarians to take up every issue.    
Ghartimagar, who has been involved in politics since she was a student, is now a member of the House of Representatives from CPN (UML). She was also active in journalism for some time and became the district president of Press Chautari Nepal.    
When she first came to assume the parliamentary role in Singh Durbar from Rolpa, much of her time in the beginning was spent in learning about parliamentary practice, its regulations and code of conduct. It took some time for MP Ghartimagar to get a sense of the parliamentary role of law-making due to the events of government formation, presidential-vice-presidential elections etc.    
But MP Ghartimagar realized that in the eyes of the people, the MP who can bring more budget and development to their respective constituency is called a great leader. She said that the Maoist Center, which is leading the government, should take special initiatives to bring about changes in the lives of Rolpali by fulfilling their dreams of education, agriculture and tourism.    
A member of the education, health and information technology committee of the House of Representatives, MP Ghartimagar said that the government has failed to follow the instructions of the relevant parliamentary committee.     
Furthermore, the draft bills have not been discussed enough with the concerned stakeholders. The agitation by teachers and employees against the school education bill is an outcome of such failures, she said.    
Clarifying that the bill will not be passed as it is, she said an initiative is being taken to address the concerns based on discussion and consensus among MPs of all the parties in the parliament. (RSS)      

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