Message of Ganeshman Singh needs to be conveyed to new generation: President Paudel


President Ramchandra Paudel addressing the programme. Photo: Kabita Thapa/ TRN

By TRN Online, Bhaktapur, Sept. 19: President Ramchandra Paudel has viewed that there is a need to convey the message of Ganeshman Singh to youths that politics is not a means for power and strength.

While addressing an unveiling of the Ganeshman Singh's life-size statue on Tuesday in Bhaktapur, President Paudel said that the message of Ganeshman Singh, who sacrificed his life for nation-building, and has an ideal image among all should be conveyed to the current and future generations. 

He shared that Singh is regarded as a leader of all and is idolized by all. 

"I consider Ganeshman Singh to be a leader of all. He is that leader who is idolized by leaders from the opposition as well. We have to convey the message of such a leader who sacrificed his life for nation-building to the current and future generations," said President Paudel. 

He said, "I got to be close with Singh in my political journey and that inspired me to walk the road of truth and ideal. Democracy is not just a means of running the government but also a way of living and ideology. If we can put in practice that ideology of Ganeshman Singh then only it will be a real tribute to him." 

The park, named after Ganeshman Singh,  which stretches in 175 ropanis of land will provide a fresh environment in the busy lifestyle of the Valley. ”Make this park a tourist destination that cannot be missed”. 

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