Salt distributed by STC found to be inedible in Mugu


By Our Correspondent

Mugu, Sept 15 : Iodine salt provided under a grant by the Salt Trading Corporation in Mugu district has been found to contain stones, making it inedible to consume. According to consumers, the salt also contained lentils.

"I procure salt from the branch office of the Salt Trading Corporation (STC) in Mugu. I have been forced to identify and remove stones from the salt by saturating it in water," said Bhrikuti Rawat Bham, a resident of Ward No. 1 of Chhayanath Rara Municipality of Mugu.

"After putting salt in water, I pour the salty water into the vegetables while cooking. It prevents stones and lentils from getting mixed in the vegetables," said Bhrikuti. 

Like Bhrikuti, several other consumers have complained of substandard salt in the district. "Many people have had similar complaints. 

The government authorities send substandard goods here believing that the people living in the remote area will eat whatever they get," said Chitra Bahadur Malla, a representative of the Forum for Protection of Consumer Rights. Malla demanded a proper investigation into the incident as the supply of contaminated salt has affected the health of the general public.

"We often hear the campaigning that we must consume iodine in a stable quantity and to only buy salt with a picture of children on the packet. 

However, they are themselves providing substandard salt," said Rajesh Karki, a local of Mugu.

Meanwhile, Devendra Kumar Mahato, chief of the Mugu branch of STC, said that stones and lentils in the salt could be a result of mixing by the producers under the Nepalgunj-based Provincial Office.

"If a consumer finds stones or other things in the salt, they can bring it back. We will exchange it for free," said Mahato.

"The district received 3,390 quintals of salt under the government grant in the last fiscal year 2022/23. Still, 215 quintals of salt is in the stock," said Malla.

The Mugu branch office of STC distributes salt every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Nevertheless, Mugu's Chief District Officer Mohan Bahadur Thapa said that the district administration office would write to the Nepalgunj-based Provincial Office if the salt was substandard.

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