Tamankhola adopts policy against untouchability in social gatherings


Dhorpatan, Sept 10: The Tamankhola rural municipality in Baglung has urged one and all to not entertain and promote untouchability (caste discrimination) under any circumstances.     

The local government has specifically urged the local people's representatives and government employees to not participate in any social gathering or feast and festival featuring separate eating outlets, as a practice of untouchability. The local folks have also been urged to boycott any social event promoting caste-based discrimination and untouchability.     

According to rural municipality chair Joklal Budha, to date any social events including feasts used to have separate kitchens for Dalits, for ethnic community and the Brahman-Chhetri community. "This is a social and caste-based discrimination," he said, adding that anyone else found following this trend onward would be liable for punishment.     

"The local government aims to ensure that every citizen has an atmosphere to live with dignity in the society," he said, adding that remnants of caste-based discriminations continued to be featured in the society in multiple forms and it was especially visible in the social gatherings. "Onward host and those participating in such events practicing caste-based discriminations will be punished."     

According to the local representative, though the country was decreed untouchability free on June 4, 2006, it exists in practice.     

The majority of the population in Tamankhola belongs to ethnic groups and dalits. The local government conducts various programmes to combat child marriage and social discriminations. (RSS)

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