Sinja Municipality unveils Khas language calendar


By Netra Shahi, Jumla, Sept. 5: Sinja Rural Municipality of Jumla has brought the Khas language calendar into effect. 

The rural municipality recently unveiled the unique Khas language calendar during a Kedar Mahotsav, a festival celebrated at the historic and religious site within the rural municipality. 

The Khas Patro was jointly unveiled by Yasoda Kumari Neupane, Deputy Speaker of Karnali Province and Purna Prasad Dhital, chairman of the rural municipality.

Deputy Speaker Neupane extended her gratitude to the rural municipality for introducing the Khas Patro, a written document, to support and promote the Khas language.

“Since Sinja Rural Municipality has undertaken various initiatives to preserve the unique language and culture of the Khas community, it is equally important to promote the touristic destination in the Sinja region, including the sacred site of Kedarnath,” she added. 

In order to promote the national calendar in the Khas Patro, the rural municipality has added months in Khas language are Baishakh (Baisakh) in Nepali language, Jeth (Jestha), Asad (Asar) Saun (Saun), Bhaduv (Bhadau), Asoj, Kartik (Kartik), Munshir (Mangshir), Push (Poush), Maag (Magh), Fagun (Fhalgun) and Chaiet (Chait).

Similarly, the Khas Patro has seven days in Khas language, including Ietabar (Sunday), Sumbar (Monday), Manglabar(Tuesday), Budhabar ( Wednesday), Bihibar (Thursday), Sukbar (Friday) and Chunchabar (Saturday). 

Likewise, the Khas Patro features illustrations portraying diverse aspects of the Sinja region, such as Deuda and Hudke dances, traditional Khas attire, paddy fields, archaeological sites, the historical Sinja Valley, and the Kedarnath area.

Rural municipality chair Dhital said the Khas Patro serves as a document designed to promote the Khas language, and it includes the dates and days in the Khas language. 

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