Dhimal Food Festival to be held


By Our Correspondent,Urlabari, June 3: Dhimal Jatiya Bikash Kendra in Kanepokhari Rural Municipality, Morang, is organising the Dhimal Cultural Festival and Food Festival in Kanepokhari-7, Morang.  It was announced at a press meet held on Friday. 

This festival marks the conclusion of the ‘Jatiri’ festival, which has been celebrated in all six villages within the rural municipality. 

Kanepokhari Rural Municipality will also observe a public holiday on June 8 throughout the municipality in honour of the Jatiri festival of the Dhimal community.

 With a population of 2,400 in the municipality, the Dhimals have been celebrating the Jatiri festival from April 15 to June 17. Other nearby municipalities, including Belbari, Urlabari, and Patharishanishchare, which are densely inhabited by Dhimals, have been granting a day off to the Dhimal community on this day every year. 

The rural municipality was named after Kanepokhari, which holds significance in the history of the Dhimal caste.

During the press conference, it was mentioned that a Dhimal woman lost both her eyes while fighting against Prithvi Narayan Shah in a war fought in Bijaypur.

According to the Dhimal leaders, the same Dhimal woman was taking shelter in the pool area.

 In the Dhimal language, a person who is unable to see with both eyes is called ‘kano’.

 The pond's name, Kanepokhari, is believed to have originated from "Kanopokhari" due to linguistic corruption.

 In the past, an image of an ear was placed in the pond area, as it resembled the shape of an ear. However, the Dhimal Jatani Bikas Samiti Kanepokhari, led by Prakash Dhimal, expressed concern about the image of ‘Kan’ being placed in the pond, considering it an insult to the Dhimal caste.

 The unveiling of the statue of the brave woman, who lost her eyes in the battle, will take place on June 8.

The festival will showcase and sell various traditional Dhimal foods such as Chichiri, Gendro, Bagiya, Gora, Chudur, Payako tea and Ghungi.

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