Jure landslide victims receive assistance


By Chhitra Mizar,Sindhupalchowk, May 26: After nine years, the support amount received from the donor has been distributed to the Jure landslide victims of Ramche in Bahrabise Municipality-9, who were affected by a huge landslide on August 2, 2014. 

On Thursday, the Mayor of the Bahrabise Municipality Balkrishna Basnet distributed support money cheques to the 70 affected families. Eight people lost their lives, 12 houses were buried, and 27 houses were flooded in the landside. 

Out of the 86 affected individuals, 70 have now received assistance money through the bank. The municipality said that compensation for the deceased families and victims is yet to be provided by the government. 

A week ago, Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Shalikram Jammerkattel visited the Sindhu Beach Resort in Sunkoshi Rural Municipality-4 Bimreni, Sindhupalchok. During that time, he handed over a description file worth Rs. 20.15 million to the mayor of Bahrabise Municipality, Bal Krishna Basnet, Chairperson of Balephi Rural Municipality, Ganga Tamang, and Chairman of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Bhaktadhwaj Bohora, for the Jure landslide victims. 

Chairman Bohora has been distributing cheques worth Rs. 5.3 million to 81 families of wards 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the rural municipality since Tuesday.

In total, 142 individuals from Bahrabise Municipality, Balefi Rural Municipality, and Tripurasundari Rural Municipality lost their lives due to the Jure landslide, while an additional 280 families were affected. 

The landslide wiped out Itani, Kagune, and Parajuli villages of Bahrbise -9, as well as the dam side of Balefi-8, Tekanpur of Tripurasundari, and Namonisan of Dawigaon, burying the inhabitants. 

The affected people, who lost their homes and land due to the landslide, along with their family members, have taken shelter in Oriand Magreside, Kalleri, and Koleni. 

At that time, approximately Rs. 22.4 million was collected to support those affected who lost family members and land in the area.

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