Panchkhal drinking water project: 7,000 households to get direct benefit


Kavre, May 25 : The Panchkhal Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (Sector) Project that began with the objective of ensuring water supply to 7,000 households has gained momentum.    

The project that has been extended by a year is expected to get completion within mid-January next year. An agreement was reached among the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Town Development Fund, Panchkhal municipality and drinking water users in 2019 in a way to complete the project by mid-January 2023.

The agreed project period was extended by a year in the pretext of coronavirus pandemic and other reasons.   

It may be noted that the government in its current fiscal year budget had pledged to accomplish the project in the beginning of 2023.    

A contract was signed with Huwai Kankai JV at the cost of Rs 1 billion 346.6 million for the construction of the drinking water for 10 out of 13 wards of the municipality. 

According to the contractual condition, users have deposited five percent or 110.5 million of the total project cost. Each household has deposited Rs 18,000 to the bank account of the drinking water project.    
Users Committee chairperson Kumar Lamichhane informed that almost 85 percent of the project works have so far completed. 'Water testing has also been done in some areas", he shared. As informed daily six million and forty eight thousands liters of water can be used in a regular way.    

Altogether 6,037 taps are to be installed in the project-implemented area. According to the estimate, each tap would flow 1,001 liters of drinking water every day.  

Chair Lamichhane said daily 130 workers are being mobilized for the project works. Tap installation has been done in around 4,00 households, he shared. (RSS) 

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