Bharatpur metropolis distributes free bicycles to 129 school girls


Chitwan, May 15 : Bharatpur Metropolitan City has distributed free bicycles each to 126 school girls.

As part of the 'Mayor with Girls Programme', Mayor Renu Dahal handed bicycles to the girls from the poor families from 13 community schools in six wards of the metropolis amid a function on Sunday.     

Earlier, the metropolis provided bicycles to girls from impoverished families from 22 wards, and school buses to schools of ward 29, according to the social development division, the metropolis.     

The metropolis has been providing bicycles to girls from the impoverished families from grades six to 12 with the aim of ensuring their access to school, it has been said.     

The metropolis has launched other services like free OPD tickets for women at Bharatpur Hospital, daughter life insurance scheme, scholarships, warm clothes programme and day meal programme, said the mayor.     

Bharatpur has achieved significant progress in education aside from infrastructural development, claimed the deputy mayor, Chitra Sen Adhikari. (RSS)

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