This year students get textbooks on time, the first case after 1990


Workers arranging textbooks at Janak Education Material Centre (JEMC). Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Apr. 17: This year media headlines in regard with the availability of school textbooks for a new academic year are something heartening compared to the past. 

This time students from almost all community schools across the country have already got text books and in case of some districts, they are likely to get it before the completion of the enrollment campaign. 

According to the Janak Education Material Centre (JEMC), textbooks are likely to be dispatched to all schools by coming April 23.  

As the JEMC said, community schools students in 59 districts have received almost all textbooks and in case of remaining 18 districts, it will be made available by the next one week. This time students are not be forced to sit for exam without seeing textbooks, it is said. 

The government took the help of the private sector to print the school textbooks from grade one to five and the JEMC, the government entity, was authorized to publish the books from class six to ten for the academic year 2080 BS. 

 The private sector is sending books to schools as per its responsibilities and the JEMC has already finished the printing and distributions of 10.5 million of text books. 

It may be noted that earlier Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda'  pledged to ensure the timely distribution of school textbooks for the new academic session and it was his special concern that students should get textbooks on time unlike the past culture. 

JEMC Managing Director Anil Kumar Jha said the Prime Minister's constant concern over the timely supplies of textbooks also played a role for making it possible. 

This is the time that students could get textbooks on time after the 1990's multiparty movement. 

Mountainous districts such as Jumla, Humla and Dolpa were the priorities of the Centre for the dispatch of textbooks. (RSS)

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