Imports via Tatopani border point up


By Our Correspondent,Sindhupalchok, Mar. 31: Imports through Tatopani entry point, located at the Nepal-China border, have started to increase.  Around 10 to 15 cargo containers have, of late, started entering Tatopani Dry Port Customs Office every day..

Dayanidhi KC, Chief Customs Officer of the Office, said that he had received information from the Chinese government that the export would be opened from Baisakh (mid-April 2023), the first month of the Nepali calendar. He added that the Chinese authorities were going to open the border from May 1 for the movement of people of the two countries.

Until a few weeks ago, only 2-3 containers were entering the dry pot daily from that entry point. But recently, due to the increase in their number, more than 600 workers in the customs yard have got the job of loading and unloading the goods. Customs Chief KC claimed that the trade between the two countries was sure to shoot up with the opening of the border. 

Since the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, Chinese goods have been imported under 'hook and drop' system through containers. After a Chinese container brings them directly to the customs office premises through the Miteri Bridge, goods are transferred to Nepali container. According to the statistics of the port, more than 300 containers of goods are being imported every month.

Since the earthquake, Tibet has rebuilt Khasa Bazaar in an organised, attractive and better way than before. Due to the narrow roads in the market and other various reasons, the Chinese side has started preparations to prevent entry of Nepali containers. However, the Chinese side is trying to make arrangements for Nepali tourists to go to special markets in China to buy goods. According to the plan of making Khasa a tourist hub, the Chinese government is going to grant entry permits to tourists.

In order to fully operate and manage the Tatopani crossing, a meeting of the district administration office of Sindhupalchok, officials of the security agencies and the administration chief of Nyalam county of Tibet has been held every month. 

The Tatopani crossing had been largely closed since the earthquake struck. It had partially opened in 2019, though. 

However, from early 2020, the border had remained completely closed amid skyrocketing coronavirus cases in China. China has been opening and closing the border crossing during floods, landslides, illegal activities, smuggling, among others. 

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