Discussion held to address problems of usury victims


Kathmandu, March 30 : Negotiations between the government talks team and usury victims, who are staging protests in the federal capital, began today. The talks held today at Singha Durbar ended on a positive note, the Ministry of Home Affairs said.     

The victims presented nine written demands in the negotiation which were discussed in a clause-wise manner, said Under Secretary at the home ministry and a member of the negotiation team, Dil Kumar Tamang.     

"During the talks, we informed them about the government's efforts so far including the progress in amending the concerned law, while their demands were also discussed in a point-wise manner", said Tamang, "They said that they will discuss the latest development with their friends."     

In the discussion with the government talks team, the victims of loan sharking put forth demands such as the formation of a competent commission, the resolution of the cases in the court and the cancellation of loan-paper made by the money lenders.     

It may be noted that the government has formed talks team led by Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Rudra Devi Sharma, while the usury victims talks team is led by Manoj Paswan, the coordinator of the struggle committee.     

In an effort to respond to the demands of the victims of illegal money lending, the government has decided to amend the Criminal Code to criminalize the act of usury.     

The victims of usury travelled to Kathmandu by foot from different districts of Tarai to draw attention of the federal government towards their plight. (RSS)

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